What immunizations are the children required to have?

In accordance with California law SB 277, all students are required to have the full range of the immunizations completed PRIOR to enrollment in preschool. Personal Belief Forms, submitted after December 21, 2015, are no longer accepted. The ONLY exception to the law is a medical exemption. Please visit www.shotsforschool.org in order to find out about immunization requirements to attend all public and private schools in California.

Required Immunizations List

How do I enroll my child or schedule a tour?

Please fill out a pre-enrollment form. You will receive an email shortly after answering any questions you might have and to schedule a tour.  If there is space available, a $300 enrollment fee is required to secure a spot.  Because we are dedicated to focusing our full attention to the children, we do not offer tours during school hours. Tours are available by appointment only and you are welcome to bring your child with you!

What are the hours of operation?

Half Day is 8:30am - 12:30pm

Full Day 8:30am - 3:30pm

School is closed at 3:30pm and we do not offer extended care past that time.

What is your child/teacher ratio?

Student-teacher ratios are 6:1. For parents who value a small, close-knit community, our boutique preschool will be a breath of fresh air.  With our low student to teacher ratio we are able to provide children the individualized attention they need to thrive. parents who value an small, close-knit community.

Does my child have to be using the toilet independently?

We value that each child learns to use the toilet when they are developmentally ready and we do not base this readiness on age. Students do not have to be completely potty trained to attend Garden of Angels. If your child is not in underwear yet, please send in pull-ups so that we can change him if necessary. 

What is the educational background of the teachers?

All of our teachers have their California credentials for Early Childhood Education. We value the professional development of all of our teachers and support them by creating an individual plan to continue their knowledge in the field. We provide outside professional development opportunities, teacher book club, and evaluations to further their development as early childhood professionals.

Are your teacher’s CPR trained?

Yes. Each teacher has a current CPR certificate. Every two years we receive a refresher course of the require CPR training. There are emergency back packs as well as First Aid kits in the school and outside as well.

How do parents receive information?
A monthly calendar is sent out by the director to the parents to remind them of school events. The calendar will inform you of everything of importance at school that month: any theme and projects, concepts to be learned; visits scheduled from police officers, fire fighters, dentist, doctor or similar professional; puppet show dates; dates when the children will have their eyes or ears tested or their speech and language screened, etc.

We also have private class site where we post class reflections, updates and photos. These reflection pages are a way for the parents to be a part of the classroom process and reflect on the learning that is taking place.

Do you offer field trips?
We value that children learn the best when it is in context of what they know and are interested in. With children aged 3 and up it is possible a field trip would be planned if it is a valuable piece to expand their learning of a class project. We rely on parent volunteering for these field trips.

As a preschool that is a part of its immediate community, we take the children on regular walking trips around the neighborhood. We have established relationships with members of our community and think it is important to teach the children about where the context of their school is. We have parents sign a general consent form at the beginning of each school year and if a walking trip is to take place parents will have prior warning. These walking trips take place in small groups with 1-2 teachers and a parent.

What are your policies on discipline?

Garden of Angels uses a positive approach to discipline by directing children toward age-appropriate behavior. Teachers help the children to develop self-discipline by:

Using positive reinforcement of appropriate behavior choices
Redirecting the child
Teachers model appropriate behavior
Using patience, love and understanding
Setting clearly defined limits
Talking about acceptable ways of handling situations as they arise

How do you handle separation? 
We value the separation process as an important milestone in your child’s life and work to create a community of trust with each family. We value that the child has to first attach to have a healthy separation and we work to create this attachment with several steps involved. We require each family to tour our school with their child, we offer a home visit for each child (teachers come to the home and visit with the child in their setting), and we allow for parents to stay to help with the transition while the trust between the teachers and the children is taking place.

Do you provide the snack at the school?
We provide fresh, organic snack in the morning around 10:00am each day. Parents must pack a lunch from home.

What do I pack my child for lunch?

Please provide a healthy lunch for your child. For ideas, click here. We also ask that you think about the environment while packing your child's lunch. Thermoses and reusable containers will help reduce our carbon footprint.